Monday, June 4, 2007

Gotta get a handle on this

Here's an interesting physical problem we came across. We have received 4 thumpers so far (what's a thumper? check here), and 2 of the 4 have different system controller handles. One allows for the IB cables to be plugged in with plenty of room to spare. The other is too large, and you can barely manage to squeeze the connector in. It locks, but this worries us, as any stress on the IB cables equates to imminent failure in the future. It looks like the one that allows for easiest access was designed after someone tried to actually use the old version, in figure 2, below.

Figure 1: Example X4500 with notched handle which allows for correct access of Port 0 on each of the PCI-X Infiniband HCAs. This is the desired configuration (note that the IB cable is connected).

Figure 2: Example X4500 without notched handle which does not allow easy access to Port 0 on each of the PCI-X Infiniband HCAs (IB cable not connected).

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