Friday, June 29, 2007

First Beta Rack of the new Sun Constellation system

The new beta version of the Sun Constellation series has arrived! this is the back of it as it is being unloaded from the crate. Please keep in mind that no one in the world has one of these. Pretty awesome.

Here is the front of the rack, after being moved into place, with no blades in it.

And here is a blurry shot of the actual blades that will be going in - quad cpu slots that will each hold quad amd barcelona chips. Once again, no one has any of these - they are all beta units.

(editor's note: these blades are not quad-cores, these are just run of the mill dual core systems)

We've turned on and installed two of the blades, and they are really fast! We've also tested the magnum switch, and it passed all the tests with flying colors. Just as fast as they claimed it would be, and only one tiny issue that is software related, and we should be good to go.

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