Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just the facts, Man.

OK, I've been given official permission to blog about the new system. So here is the geek porn, live ready and waiting for your perusal:

The system will be called Ranger. Here are the specs:

Compute power
  • 529 Teraflops(!) aggregate peak
  • 3,936 Sun four-socket, quad-core nodes
  • 15,744 AMD Opteron “Barcelona” processors
  • Quad-core, four flops/cycle (dual pipelines)
  • 2 GB/core, 32 GB/node, 125 TB total
  • 132 GB/s aggregate bandwidth
Disk subsystem
  • 72 Sun x4500 “Thumper” I/O servers, 24TB each
  • 1.7 Petabyte total raw storage
  • Aggregate bandwidth ~32 GB/sec
Infiniband interconnect
  • Full non-blocking 7-stage Clos fabric
  • Low latency (~2.3 /sec), high-bandwidth (~950 MB/s)

The overall look and feel of Ranger from the user perspective will be very similar to our current Linux cluster (Lonestar).

Full Linux OS w/ hardware counter patches on login and compute nodes ( is starting working kernel)

Lustre File System
$HOME, and multiple $WORKS will be available
Largest $WORK will be ~1PB total
Standard 3rd party packages
Infiniband using next generation of Open Fabrics
MVAPICH and OpenMPI (MPI1 and MPI2)

Now, having come from my humble beginnings as an English Major, this is somewhat impressive to me. I have come pretty far from my first personal purchase of a computer 13 years ago - I used my wife's student loan money to buy it.

So, slobber away, punks! Biggest computer in the world, coming soon!

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You've been DUGG!!