Sunday, June 10, 2007

installing like a madman

OK, so where was I?

Last Friday, we started to receive the first $X dollars worth of equipment (known as the 'starter system'). That equates to 8 X4600s, 16 X4100s, a 4G fiber-channel disk array and 4 thumpers (X4500s). Doesn't sound like much, until you start to work with them, and see just how nicely they are built. Here is a pic of the inside of an X4600 - and yes, that is 8 slots for cpus, which can all hold either dual or quad core amd chips in there!
Here is a fuzzy shot of the disk controller, the disks that will hold our Lustre metadata, and the thumpers on the right.

Here is the view I have to my right while I am working on this. This data center feels like a set from Star Wars. By the way - it is pretty bad for your health to stay in a brand new machine room for extended periods of time. Besides the fact that all the air is blowing everywhere at 65 degrees, there is a bunch of dust and particulate matter flying around that I can feel in my lungs. Not a good sign for my health!

Here are the X4600's sitting nicely on the ground, waiting to be installed:

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Linda said...

Maybe you should wear one of those filter masks. Uncomfortable, I know, but I did it every day in the operating room. Better than some sort of lung disease.