Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Biggest Switch in the World for the Biggest Computer in the World

So, today, one of the many heads of Sun is announcing the new Infiniband Switch, called Magnum, which will be the biggest switch of its kind in the world. 3,456 ports, in a fat-tree configuration, this switch will be the first of its kind, although with a different name, I'm sure (who wants to fight a copyright battle with a condom manufacturer?).

This switch will be one of two for the entire system, and will comprise the spine and nervous system for the biggest supercomputer in the world.

As you can see in the above picture, there was a huge, head-sized hole punched in the side of the crate when it arrived here. After unpacking, we determined that it was only superficial. I just know that made some people sweat, seeing as how we are receiving the ONLY copy of this switch in the entire world - wouldn't want it to get screwed up in transit.

Here are the extra parts that come with the main chassis - the line cards, and all the cable management, etc.

Here is the empty box! How exciting! This is right after it was rolled off the pallet.

And now, the back! OOOOOOOh. AAAAAAAAh.

And a little magnum frontal action, too! This is pre-line card/filler panel install. Please start salivating now.

The great thing about this is, no one else has one! You can probably order it after today, but good luck getting it any time this year!

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