Tuesday, April 24, 2007

arrgh! an update!

I've meant to post here more often, but I've been too darn busy. Anywho (I hate that word), the workers have nearly finished their magic on the machine room. All the coolers have been attached to their water lines, and the PDU's have all been connected and are turned on (little red lights aglowin'). Also, they have the air handlers going as well, testing things out and making sure they all work correctly. Exciting!

(here, you can see my reflection in the window, with my hand holding the phone to take a picture, hobo-gloves and all. I wear fingerless hobo gloves because my office gets too cold and then I can't type anymore)

It sure is gonna be nice when we start actually receiving the equipment.

We would have started messing with the new equipment sooner, but the contract between us, the NSF and the unnamed company has not been signed yet. I know, it's *only* been 6 months! Who could ever get a contract signed in a measly 6 months (sarcasm)? Everyone is dragging their feet on signing off on the contract, because it is a huge amount of money, and the bureaucracy at all three places is preventing everyone from getting anything done.

So, it's been knots-in-the-stomach the whole way, and everyone I work with is starting to get nervous.

But I am confident that everything will turn out ok in the end - this is just one of MANY growing pains that will be experienced while we continue to build the BIGGEST COMPUTER IN THE WORLD. BWA-HAHAHAHAHAH.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally see your reflection in the glass...