Wednesday, March 7, 2007

what tha hell is this?

So, I'm starting this blog to detail the creation of one of the biggest computers in the world.

How is this so, you might ask? Well, I work for [name redacted], and we received a grant for [amount redacted] from the [name redacted], an agency of the US Government, to build the fastest, biggest machine in the world.

I kid you not.

As of this date, I am unable to reveal any details about the machine, since the company, [name redacted], has tons of non-disclosures that I am beholden to. There's also scads of insider trading bs that I am unable to reveal regarding the system, so I am not really at liberty, at this point, to reveal where the parts for this machine will come from, or what they will consist of. If you read any news related to supercomputing and universities, you can probably figure out not only who I am, but where I live, who I work for, and where the parts are coming from. And if you do, please don't reveal it here!

Anyhow, I will be keeping a journal of sorts about the planning, design and implementation of this enormous undertaking.

How enormous of an undertaking? Let's just say that it will have over 53,000 processors, and will have petabytes of clustered filesystems that are capable of aggregate write speeds of 32G/s, and will pull 2.5 MEGAWATTS of power. Ouch.

And, you may ask, who tha hell are you? Well, I am a Senior Linux Cluster Administrator. That's longhand for 'guy that runs big computers'. I build and run these massive beyotches. I am part of a team that is currently working on this monstrosity, and will help build it, install it and be responsible for the daily upkeep of said monstrosity. I have been named the 'System Lead', which in itself, pretty much will be my entire resume from now on:

Resume for Super Geek

Jan 2007 - Present
Work for: [name redacted].
Duties: Built, installed and ran the biggest supercomputer in the world.

The End

That will be it. One freaking line. I don't like to summon hubris, but I think my career is set now.

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