Friday, March 23, 2007

liquid goodness

So, some pics from the inside of the machine room, now that stuff is finally moving forward. First off, we can see the in-row cooling units have been moved into the machine room from outside, and they are being placed where they will reside permanently. These liquid-cooled buggers can move a large amount of hot air very efficiently. There will be a total of 115 of them.

Next up, is a picture of the inside of one of these things.
You might notice the guy's hand with the wrench in the lower left hand side of the photo. This is almost an 'action shot'. This good contractor was hooking up those white pipes you see inside the cooling units. Those are chilled-water lines that come from the four massive chillers that were recently delivered and installed outside the building. These units will pull the hot air out of the hot-aisles, cool it down, then push it outside of the room. We sort of built in some overkill, but you never know when extra funds might unexpectedly drop out of nowhere for some extra nodes or racks, so it's possibly a good idea.

This next picture is a photo of the air-handling units (typically called 'cracs', tho I don't know what the acronym stands for). The orange line is, I think, for either power, electricity or water. If I find out, I'll let you know.In case you are wondering why all my photos look like crap, it's because I am using the piece of crap camera on my cellphone. Maybe someday I'll start using a camera, but for now, I have to kind of keep this blog under wraps, since everything we are doing is non-disclosure at the moment, and I could potentially get in trouble for revealing too much at this stage. Exciting!

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