Friday, October 26, 2007

yes, indeed, it HAS been a while

YOU try building the biggest computer in the world. I've been so busy my brain is about to fall out of my head.


I just wanted to take a moment to say I have found one of the coolest programs in the world.

I was needing a way to load-balance our multiple login nodes, and searched for quite a while for a decent solution. I installed Linux-HA, and played with various other bloatware, but they all had too many levers and buttons to push. I just wanted a nice, simple piece of software that did what I wanted. And I found it!

You should check it out : Crossroads Load Balancer.

This guy is my new hero. It compiles quickly and successfully (why should that ever be an issue? but it is! getting Linux-HA installed required something like 28 perl dependencies, along with alot of other crap that necessitated upgrading almost the entire os. AND THEN you still have trouble getting it to work the way you want it to), and once installed, is very easy to configure.

Here is my configuration file, with important info changed to protect the innocent:

(to come later - the install I got going was on a test machine that someone turned off to make room for a grid cluster - I'm going to cannibalize that machine and use it's organs for more important business.)

If you are looking for something that just works, Use it.

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